I am running to represent the people of West and North Augusta in the Maine House because I believe I can make a difference. Here are some of my ideas for a better Maine.


Creating jobs for maine

There are more than 30,000 small businesses in Maine.  If each small business added just one job to its workforce, Maine’s current unemployment rate would improve dramatically by dropping from 5.5 percent to below 2 percent.

I believe the best thing government can do for small businesses is to help them reduce operating costs by lowering taxes and by reducing burdensome regulations.   With lower costs, small businesses will be in a better position to create more jobs and provide higher salaries and better benefits for employees.  

As your representative, I will work hard to make sure government creates and maintains an environment in which small businesses can grow and prosper because small business growth is good for Maine’s working families.


Reforming welfare and mainecare

There’s no doubt that showing compassion to others is the Maine way.   I believe that we have an obligation to provide a safety net for those with the highest needs, but our ability to provide has been undermined by expanding benefits to those with lesser needs.  In short, through the efforts of some over a long period of time, Maine has become overly generous toward too many people.

I believe that the best thing we can do to protect our most vulnerable is to make sure that Maine’s safety net benefits are in line with the national average, remain focused on those truly in need, and are sustainable for generations to come. I also believe that we can help our most vulnerable by giving them opportunities to find dignity in becoming self-sufficient when they are able to do so.


reducing energy costs

For Maine families, paying for energy is a real budget buster. There is no single, magical solution, but I believe that drawing energy from diverse sources, including alternative renewable sources, will help reduce costs for consumers.

One source that shows particular promise in Maine is natural gas because it is less expensive, more efficient, and cleaner burning than other fossil fuels.

As your representative, I will work at the state level to bring natural gas not just to Augusta, but to the entire region.  Sharing the investment in natural gas with our neighboring communities will help reduce the cost of energy going forward for families, schools, businesses, government, and nonprofit institutions.


keeping young people in maine

According to the 2010 Census, the median age of Maine’s population is more than 42 years (median age is the age where half the population is older and the other half is younger).  That makes Maine the oldest state in the nation. 

One reason Maine is the oldest is because our young people leave to find better employment opportunities in other states.  As I described earlier, improving the environment for small businesses is one solution for creating jobs, but I think there is another solution that is just as important. 

I believe that providing young people skills that match the needs of our community will not only help keep them in Maine, it will help improve the quality of life for Maine’s entire population.  Keeping our young people in Maine is good for our tax base and, because young people tend to be healthier, they will play a key role in reducing our health insurance costs.

As a product of Maine schools, I believe in our university and community college systems.  As your representative, I will work to make sure we invest appropriately in our post secondary institutions so that tuitions are affordable and that they are able to offer skills that matter to Maine.


while i have ideas....

While I have my own ideas about how best to solve some of Maine’s problems, I’m a listener and I would love to hear your good ideas.  We are faced with a clear choice in this election – a choice between the same representation that has helped bring us into difficult times or a fresh, new voice.  With your help, I can be that new voice for Augusta.

Please feel free to contact me by phone at (207) 441-9418 or by email at Admin@PouliotForHouse.com.